Interior design for luxury homes is a unique undertaking in its own right. When you have thousands of square feet to cover from walls, to floors, to ceilings, to trims, tiles, backsplashes, window coverings, light fixtures, cabinets, countertops, paint colors, furniture, rugs, decorative touches…elements, elements, elements…details and more details…the list is absolutely endless, isn’t it!

After years of experience in the luxury home construction and design industry, the founders of Modish Homes have some useful suggestions to fill the space in your luxury home with sense and purpose. Your home will evolve over time, but at the very least, the first thing you need to do is establish a game plan for each room or section. Doing so before you move in will help keep up the natural flow of your gorgeous space. As children grow older and move out, parents age, or grandchildren emerge, rooms re-purpose; the home moves through several redesigns. This is the beauty of interior design. Your home is a reflection of your life, your family, and ultimately, your heart. Consider it a highly functioning art piece in which you live your life!

Tips for Luxury Home Interior Design

It really depends on your personal taste, but in general, we suggest a mix of neutral tones and saturated hues throughout luxury homes. Some people like bright white minimalistic spaces, others want a single accent wall, or a monotone approach. Wallpapers are used as accents in large spaces now very effectively as well these days.

Mixed Metals
We love the trend of mixed metals and glass in luxury homes. This is something we saw a lot of in 2017 and it continues to be requested in 2018. Large rooms look great with a mix of polished nickel, brass, copper, chrome and glass elements placed strategically throughout. It is a very contemporary and sophisticated look and works well in darker and well-lit spaces!

Desert Inspiration
We’ve seen an interesting development in the way of desert inspiration where people mix cowhide rugs and other leathers with raw or repurposed woods and sheep wool and Scandinavian styles. Another great desert mix uses desert influences from around the world in one room very uniquely.

Old Standards
The old luxury home standards are ever-popular and become more technologically advanced by the year. The home theaters, wine cellars and spa bathrooms of today are absolutely incredible! Who needs to go on vacation!

Indoor Gardens
With the rise in natural food appreciation, wholesome ingredients, and farm-to-table inspiration, many luxury home owners are putting herb gardens or indoor garden capabilities near their kitchens. This makes it easy to grab a fresh-grown head of lettuce right from the convenience of your own personal garden.

Furniture as Art
The last trend we recommend is using your furniture as art! Select statement pieces that fill up a room all on their own while also being functional. Choose the pieces based on the actual art on your walls. If the furniture is a table, add natural elements on top of it such as drift wood or shells, or beautiful stones. Found objects in nature add so much depth to a room and give it a calming feeling.

Happy decorating!

Please contact Shawna Waizman for more luxury home decorating tips!

About Modish Homes
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