Meir Waizman

Managing Partner and CEO

About Meir Waizman

Meir Waizman is the Founder and President of Modish Homes. He a successful venture capitalist and businessman in the technology and transportation industries. Meir’s story began in New York City, where as a college student he worked as one of three employees for a small limo company. Meir was a driving force in growing the company to 140 employees and a fleet of 300 vehicles in less than two years.

In 2001, Meir set out on his own and founded Boston Corporate Coach, a worldwide luxury limousine service. Boston Corporate Coach has since grown into one of the largest luxury chauffeured transportation companies in the world.

With the experience and expertise gained from building Boston Corporate Coach from the ground up, Meir then branched out to invest in several companies in the transportation industry. Over the years, Meir has expanded his portfolio to include companies in the construction, and restaurant industries. Most recently Meir has turned his attention to the technology industry, with investments in several exciting start-up tech companies.

Meir brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in helping companies become lean and efficient. He is skilled in financial analysis, streamlining procedures and identifying opportunities for future growth. Part of his success can be attributed to the importance he places on company culture. Meir believes that in order to run a successful business you must, “Make sure that everybody that works for you comes before you.”

In his spare time Meir races the #18 Lamborghini GTR and competes in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series.