Shawna Waizman

Managing Partner and Lead Designer

About Shawna Waizman

Shawna Waizman is the Managing Partner and Lead Designer at Modish Homes. She began her career in furniture industry working for high end retailers like Thomasville Home Furnishings and Plunkette Home Furnishings. Shawna then turned to kitchen and bath remodeling where she worked for Collier and Thompson and Modern Kitchen and Bath—two turn-key remodeling companies. Prior to starting her own company, she worked for Riggs Construction as a selections manager. Shawna is proudest of her work when the Modish team completes a project. It is then, that she sees all of the ideas and finishes come together like she had planned—she says this is the most rewarding part of her career.

She earned a Degree in Design from Patricia Stevens Design School in St. Louis. She also took courses in the 2020 Design Program—which provides a software for kitchen and bath companies. After finishing the classes, Shawna taught a course for 2020 in at the college level. She has two children and has worked with teachers of their private school to facilitate creative projects. Shawna loves to travel to new places and when she has the chance, she paints and bakes with her children.