Swimming pools are a very popular component of luxury home construction. What would we do without a cool place to refresh our minds and bodies during the long hot weather months in Central Florida? Orlando has nearby waterparks, but many Floridians just can’t live without their pools. It’s a very common place of social gathering for families, friends and neighbors. A pool also provides a convenient place to exercise a few steps away from your home, or in many cases directly through your home in a covered indoor pool. Children and adults alike love to relax and burn off energy via a good swim or splash around.

Luxury home pool architecture is very precise. The potential of dangerous weather patterns in our area need to be addressed when pools are designed. Also, a pool should flow well with the overall design of the house. Pools vary widely in terms of size, materials used, and shape. Local codes need to be addressed as well.

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The Best Pools for Luxury Homes

We have compiled some suggestions for luxury home pools. These were selected by look, convenience, design and cost in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

Indoor Pool
Indoor swimming pools are incredibly popular in Central Florida. Covered by walls, indoor pools can be utilized throughout the year and rainy months. They are great because they are insulated and require less cost in terms of heating. They generally have a beautiful design as well.

Infinity Pool
Infinity pools are what dreams are made of for many people. They effortlessly blend in to the environment, backyard, or ocean. They appear to have a vanishing edge or to disappear into the horizon. They are generally very costly, but worth it!

Family Pool: Recreational Swimming Pool
Get ready for waterpark at home! No lines, no ticket prices and privacy galore. These pools can incorporate slides, caves, tunnels, splashing, light elements, and more. Sit back, enjoy a cool one and watch as your kids entertain the day away. Throw in a hot tub for relaxation.

Architectural Pool
This highly classy pool is sometimes designed by an architect. They are showpieces of one’s home and utilize the shape and model of the home to create a synthesized design.

Natural Pool
If you love swimming in natural elements, this pool is for you. Natural pools use large boulders, waterfalls, trees, landscaping and other aspects to make it feel like you are in the middle of a forest, or natural setting.

Olympic Pool
If you are a competitive athlete or serious swimmer, the Olympic sized swimming pool is for you and your family. It provides a private training location where you can practice with your coach or team members as well.

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